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Car Shock Absorber Resistance Welder
Car shock absorber spot welding and projection welding machine
Dimension (unit: mm)
Item Height Length Width
Size 2650 2100 1400
Parameter of car shock absorber resistance welder
Item Parameter
Rated capacity (uf) 90000
Power supply (KVA/V/¢/HZ) 100/380/3/50
Primary current (A) 158
Rated duty cycle (%) 50
Secondary empty voltage (V ) 27-30
Throat depth (mm) 356
Arm gap (mm) 91
Cylinder stroke (mm) 150
Max. working pressure (kgf) 3500
Compressed air pressure (MPa) 0.6~0.7
Compressed air consumption(0.5MPa air pressure, stroke 60mm) (L/ welding spot) 14.43
Cooling water consumption (L/MIN) 10
Primary cable specification (MM2) 35
Max. short cut current of transformer (KA) 190

The car shock absorber resistance welder comes equipped with a Heron 45KJ power supply and is also outfitted with a custom fixture system.

In the past, car shock absorbers were welded using single-phase or three-phase rectifier welding, which resulted in significant efficiency waste. We improved upon this problem by introducing a 45KJ capacitor discharge welding machine that only needs a 100KVA power supply. This reduces power supply needs and it can also realize 8 welding spots on both sides with a decreased heat affected zone, leading to a high quality weld.