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Welding Consumables and Spare Parts

Heron owns and operates a complete production equipment line and manufacturing system that allows us to manufacture and design key components for a number of different products.

    1. Spot Welding Gun Transformer The entire transformer structure utilizes a unique design, with a highly efficient water cycle cooling effect, with a water flow of 5L/minute.
      The primary coil and secondary coil within the transformer use an epoxy resin vacuum integral casting process.
    1. Suspended Spot Welding Controller The spot welding controller on one cabinet can control one welding gun. If the customer requires, it can also be upgraded to be able to control two welding guns.
      We use a 10000Hz inverter frequency, thus improving the overall response time of the suspended spot welding controller.
    1. Resistance Welding Copper Shunts Resistance welding copper shunts are primarily used for conductive flexible connections in resistance welding machines.

Heron is engaged in making resistance welding system as well as welding consumables and spare parts. Since 1997 we have been offering wide range of resistance spot welding gun transformer, controller, shunts and robotic welding system for global customers.

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