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Car Step Resistance Spot Welding System
Car step resistance spot welding machine
Dimension (unit: mm)
Item Height Length Width
Size 1900 6000 6000
Technical parameter
Item Parameter
Rated capacity (KVA) 280KVA
Power supply (V/φ/HZ) 380 / 3 / 50HZ
Primary current (A) 300
Rated duty cycle (%) 50
Secondary empty voltage (V ) 5
Electrode diameter (mm) Φ16
Workpiece dimension (mm) 100X220X1700
Welding capacity (mm) Two layer of 2MM thick steel sheet
Welding speed m/min (s/piece)(time/s) 50 s/piece
Max. working pressure (kgf) 250
Compressed air pressure (MPa) 0.6~0.7
Compressed air consumption (0.4MPa air pressure) (L/ welding spot) 8
Cooling water consumption (L/MIN) 42
Driving servo motor power (KW) 8*1.3+4*1.8
Primary cable specification (MM2) 3*50+2*16; 2 pieces
Max. short cut current of transformer (KA) 13

1. The car step resistance welding system features 8 sets of welding guns, which are directly installed on two separated XYZ systems.
2. The welding system can realize simultaneous welding through several guns and automatically transfer workpieces as necessary.

This automatic welding equipment is designed for car door threshold assembly spot weld.The equipment is designed to replace older robotic electric resistance spot welding machines and greatly improve production efficiency.