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Composite Silver Copper Strip Seam Welder
Dimension (unit: mm)
Item Height Length Width
Size 1850 1760 1980
Main technical parameter
Item Parameter
Rated capacity (KVA) 250
Power supply (V/φ/HZ) 380/ 3 /50HZ
Primary current (A) 150
Rated duty cycle (%) 20
Secondary empty voltage (V) 12.5
Throat depth (mm) 232
Cylinder stroke (mm) 50
Welding speed (m/min) 1
Max. working pressure (kgf) 98.2
Compressed air pressure (MPa) 0.6~0.7
Compressed air consumption (0.5MPa air pressure, stroke 60mm) (L/ welding spot) 3.56
Cooling water consumption (L/MIN) 15
Rotary driving motor power (KW) 0.85
Primary cable specification (MM2) 3*35+2*16
Max. short cut current of transformer (KA) 45

1. The Heron composite silver copper strip seam welder adopts a 250KVA medium frequency DC power supply.
2. The welding system is equipped with a medium frequency seam bearing bush and automatic seam welding mechanism.

Background information
The welding system is designed for composite silver copper strip production and features highly advanced seam welding technology that replaces traditional extruded composite welding technology.