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Transmission Shift Fork Welding System
Car transmission shift fork spot and projection welding machine
Dimension (unit: mm)
Item Height Length Width
Size 1900 2200 2900
Main technical parameter
Item Parameter
Rated capacity (J) 40000
Power supply (V/φ/HZ) 380/ 3 PH /50HZ
Primary current (A) 158
Rated duty cycle (%) 20
Secondary voltage adjust level 3
Throat depth (mm) 250
Arm gap (mm) 500
Cylinder stroke (mm) 150
Welding speed (s/piece) 8
Max. working pressure (N/0.5MPa) 76000
Compressed air pressure (MPa) ≥0.6
Compressed air consumption (0.4MPa air pressure, stroke 30mm) (L/ welding spot) 3.56
Cooling water consumption (L/MIN) 16
Primary cable specification (MM2) 3*35+2*16
Max. short cut current (KA) 200

1. The Heron car transmission shift fork spot and projection welding machine comes equipped with a 40000J capacitor discharge welding power supply.
2. A pressurized oil-air cylinder pressurization system is installed in the welding equipment.
3. The welding machine carefully controls the welding process and reduces the occurrence of spatter.

Background introduction
The welding equipment is specifically designed for the welding of car transmission shift forks. Traditional transmission shift fork designs feature an inblock cast technology or overall machining technology. Using our welding machine, the transmission shift fork can be fabricated through precision welding onto punched parts directly. This simplifies production and reduces costs.