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Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welding Machine

Heron is dedicated to the design and development of medium voltage capacitor discharge resistance welding systems. A capacitor discharge resistance welding is a special welding process used to produce a high energy pulse system by a welding transformer, after capacitor discharging. The high energy pulse system can output a secondary current of 1000KA in milliseconds.

1. One particular advantage of capacitor discharge resistance welding is the projection welding between the screw nut, welding hot-forming steel and galvanized steel.
2. Compared with AC or DC medium frequency welding process, a capacitor discharge resistance welding system uses capacity energy discharge over electric energy from a power grid. This means capacitor discharge resistance welding requires less energy and will not burn the work piece after welding, as well as ensure there is no influence on the secondary current due to fluctuations in a power grid.
3. Capacitor discharge resistance welding systems with a short welding time are effective, precise, easy to operate and easy to repeat.

Heron is engaged in making resistance welding system, is an experienced capacitor discharge resistance welding machine manufacturer and welding solution provider. Since 1997 we have been offering wide range of capacitor discharge resistance spot welders, resistance seam welders, resistance projection welding machines and robotic welding system for global customers.

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